The victorious journey of the imagination
Here Nico creates something which usually only occurs in a fata morgana. A minimum of effort, screech, boing and suddenly the funniest creatures begin to appear. Animals of every description hover above the ground, and in next to no time a castle is built in the air for the little princess, and it promptly floats away through the clouds.
Thank god Nico doesn't get puffed out so quick, because the little magic apprentices are always keen to have a go at creating their own masterpieces. And there's plenty more excitement to come with the competition to see whose balloon will fly the furthest, that is, if there's any space left in the sky.
Website Design And Concept: Anja Scheid, Vivien Heinz
Programming: Kevin Krause
Text: Frank Dietsche
Photos: Frank Taubenheim, Steffen Reichel