Close up magic
A close proximity to the audience does not allow for cheap tricks. Nico's art is in making the invisible visible. As Chief Magician he uses only the finest magical ingredients and avoids false bottoms that could leave a bad taste in your mouth.
Using fresh Potra (pocket trash) and a pinch of magic salt, he prepares his magical creations right at your table before the critical eyes of surprised guests. Nicodirettissimo - the magic of eversoverycloseness leaves the audience in complete awe. Delicious titbits of magic, made from the finest illusion and spontaneous magic, are served in extensive portions. The surprised guests partake of a banquet of illusion so refined that realists are transformed into visionaries, and sceptics into true euphorics.
Website Design And Concept: Anja Scheid, Vivien Heinz
Programming: Kevin Krause
Text: Frank Dietsche
Photos: Frank Taubenheim, Steffen Reichel