Let me introduce myself
Who invited this rogue? The charmer with the likeable character, the dandy with the most unbelievable stories, the trickster with the strange airs and graces? Hang on, didn't he just light up a cigarette having just stirred his coffee with it...?
So there's truth in the stories. The unknown socialite is a highly talented conjurer- Nicognito has arrived and is captivating the party guests: a charming surprise guest, always there to confuse and amuse with exciting stories , spectacular tricks and a sophisticated sense of humour. What started off as a game of riddles crescendos into a breathtaking show. Magic and brilliant entertainment, guaranteed to stun your party guests!
Website Design And Concept: Anja Scheid, Vivien Heinz
Programming: Kevin Krause
Text: Frank Dietsche
Photos: Frank Taubenheim, Steffen Reichel