Childrens Magician
Nico and his little apprentices embark on a journey into the world of Magic. Beyond the mountains of Abracadabra and to the east and to the west of mumbo-jumbo there are many surprises to be revealed and observed. And together they discover the small and the large secrets of magic.
Very soon the apprentices have turned into little Nicolinis, who use Nico's top hat and their own charms to cast a spell on the world around them. Depending on the age and the number of children, a journey into magic unfolds, which is different and surprising every time, however always imaginative and exciting. In the end we are left with little magicians, bewitched rabbits, and sparkling eyes.
Website Design And Concept: Anja Scheid, Vivien Heinz
Programming: Kevin Krause
Text: Frank Dietsche
Photos: Frank Taubenheim, Steffen Reichel