Magic in the dark
Nico Nocturno
Silence falls. Darkness casts out its illusionary power. You can't even see your hand in front of your face, hearts are beating loudly, and everyone is attentive: lured by softly whispering magic voices, the wonderful creatures of the night reveal themselves- invisible and ready for an adventure. Nico has his hands full with leading his audience to the safety of the magic light. His magic touch manages to create light illusions that weave a hilarious plot through the darkness. What we don't actually see is an amazing show in absolute darkness, a fast paced imagination teaser, an incredible illusion full of charm and humour. Nico Nocturno- a firework of magic, which takes spectators hearts by storm.
Website Design And Concept: Anja Scheid, Vivien Heinz
Programming: Kevin Krause
Text: Frank Dietsche
Photos: Frank Taubenheim, Steffen Reichel