Seven years old he had his first show.
After this several orders - from birthday shows to television shows.
At the age of fifteen foundation of the "Magische Nordlichter e.V.; now the second biggest association in Germany.
1975 first public performance in Hamburg
1983 Co-founder of the magicians club "Magische Nordlichter e.V."
1984 Co-founder of the first independent german magicians championship
1985 Started freelance career as magician
"Nicolino" - Childrens Magician
1987 Tour in USA and Canada
1988 First contacts with theatre groups
1989 Founded own magicians group the "Fummleronis"
 "Balloonico" - A masterful flight of fantasy
1990 "Nicodirettissimo" - close up magic
1991 Tour of Asia
1992 Tour of Europa and Founded the virtual magic theatre
1993 "NNico Nocturno" - Magic in the dark
1994 "Nicognito" - stand up magic
 "Nico d'oro" - the wedding programme
1995 Tour in central africa
1996 Shows in Cape Town
 Organized events for the Society for the Blinde und Kunst e.V. club
1997 Co-founder and management of the Wendenstrasse 45 e.V. club
1998 Opened the magic office in Hamburg
1999 Opened the magic office in Cape Town
 Magic Mellennium and auctioning of the magician
2000 Workshops in the College of Magic and in the Peace Center in Capetown
2001 Opened the magic office in Berlin
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